Green Initiatives

Motor coaches are one of the most fuel efficient and green forms of transportation available today. On average, motor coaches reduce emissions by 85 percent per passenger mile compared to cars.

The management and employees of ACADEMY take the environment seriously and thus have incorporated many green initiatives into everyday operations.

The list of green initiatives includes:

  • Zero emission wheel cleaner/painting machine
  • Bioedegradable, non-toxic parts cleaning machines and chemicals
  • 100 percent recycling of paint waste
  • New latex biodegradable paint
  • Non-toxic cleaning chemicals
  • Extending motor oil/filter changes
  • Recycling all waste oil, anti-freeze and transmission fluids
  • Using only ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel
  • All waste material, batteries and tires are recycled
  • Installing high-efficiency air compressors in our maintenance facilities
  • Changing office and shop lighting to high-efficiency systems
  • Replacing older buses with newer models that feature clean air technology
  • Policy of no idling when not required for passenger comfort or safety
  • Water from bus washers is contained, cleaned and recycled
  • Improving fuel mileage by:
    • On-board tire pressure monitoring
    • Installing tire balancing products in all newly mounted tires
    • Testing gear ratios to obtain optimum mileage

Recently, ACADEMY certified coaches under parameters set by the University of Vermont Green Motor Coach Certification program. More details about this program can be found online

ACADEMY received a certificate of compliance from Ecolab ( for using all environmentally friendly cleaning products

Finally, ACADEMY is working with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to install tailpipe retrofit devices on over 400 buses by the end of 2011.